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Our original focus was purely on finding the cheapest domain prices. However, from the outset, we knew that cheapest does not always mean the best. Therefore, we decided to tap into the invaluable experiences of our users to collect reviews and ratings of the registrars. The popularity of the reviews has exceeded our expectations. In fact, "Namecheap registrar reviews" has become one of top Google search terms leading to our site!

Since I like data, I decided to take a brief look at the state of our provider reviews. Over the past year, we've collated 90 reviews and ratings (as of writing). It's a modest sample size, but still enough to be interesting. Firstly, let's see whom the most popular registrar is, according to the number of reviews submitted:

domain registrar review popularity

The results are not too surprising, with Namecheap and GoDaddy taking the top two spots. As expected, the more popular registrars are towards the top of the chart. An interesting theory that I've read is that poor products tend to get more reviews, since users have more reason to complain about them. However, this doesn't look to be totally the case here since Namecheap has a very respectable rating, as we'll see in the following chart:

domain registrar ratings

I've limited the set to registrars with more than one rating. The most interesting point here is how far down the chart GoDaddy and 1&1 are. These two consistently have some of the cheapest prices for traditional TLDs. This reinforces our commitment to having reviews on the site, to help users choose the best deals, rather than purely looking at prices!

Finally, let's take a look at how people rate the providers, overall.

rating frequency

The average domain registrar rating is 3.5, a respectable score. However, people tend to rate to the extremes, that is, 5 stars and 1 stars. This is typical of review behaviour, and articulated superbly in this XKCD comic.


If you have experience with any registrars, please do share it on our site. It takes 10 seconds to sign up and drop a comment. We're also looking at how to further integrate the review system on the main page, so stay tuned. As always, we love hearing feedback. Hit us up at hello@domcomp.com