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A feature that we've had for a while but never before publicised is our prices API. Whilst our price comparison page has become a de-facto checkpoint for anyone considering a domain registration, there has always been group of more technically inclined users wanting to access prices systematically. We've received requests from all sorts of users; ranging from indie developers building novel domain tools to the largest domain providers wanting to monitor their own position in the market place. In answer to this, we created the domcomp price API. Since inception, the popularity of the API has surpassed our expectations. Domcomp is now powering many domain services and you may be surprised to know that even some of our competitors have moved to using our API under the hood!

The API is RESTful and couldn't be simpler to use. It returns new, renewal and transfer prices for either all TLDs or just those specified. You also get additional info such as coupon details. A sample of the JSON output is below.

domain price api

The API is accessed via a URL with a unique key for each user that we create and configure on request. This allows us to retain some control and track usage for pricing purposes. Our general pricing guideline is simply

  • free for indie developers, with some conditions.
  • a flat monthly fee for established organisations and competing sites.

However, these are purely indicative and we'll consider on a case by case basis.

If you'd like to check out our API, then shoot us a mail at and we'll be happy to answer any questions and discuss in more detail.