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Since launch, domcomp has gained many followers and we've received some great feedback. Now, we want to increase our reach even further so what better way than to introduce anaffiliate program that could simultaneously reward our users and help us reach our goals.

So what does this mean and how does it work

We provide domain price comparisons and registrar reviews tht are 100% free. So how do we make any money, you ask. Good question, we do have to put dinner on the table, after all.

We, ourselves, are part of affiliate programs of most of the registrars we compare. This means that when a user clicks through to a registrar (e.g. Namecheap), through our site, and purchases a domain name then we get a cut of that sale.

The benefit of our affiliate program is that we provide a centralised dashboard and via a single link, you can earn commission from all of the registrars that we support. Equally importantly, domcomp provides more value to users searching for the right registrar than a simple direct referral. Therefore, our users are more confident that they are making the right choice when coming through us, thereby giving our links a higher conversion rate for sales. It's a win-win-win situation. Finally, unlike almost any other program, we don't have a minimum payout limit. Therefore, you can get your money whether you've made $1 or $1000.

Most affiliate program give you 10% to 40% commission (search some up yourself). We have decided to provide a massive 70% commission. Why? Because our primary goal is to spread the word of our site as we are concentrated on growth. We also understand that we are a relatively unknown and so want provide you with a generous incentive.

If you find domcomp useful, why not introduce us to others and benefit at the same time. We track every click and sale, made through your unique link, to reward you with our generous commission structure.

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