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We encountered many interesting things whilst building domcomp.com and would love to share the best of these with you and in this blog; we'll cover anything from price observations to experiences with providers to technical challenges in developing the site.

To break the ice, let's explore this simple question: what is the most expensive tld that you can buy??

alt text

Our price-monkeys have trawled through the data and determined that the answer is... .na. This can be yours, from gandi.net, for a mere $4800/yr. The runner-up is .rich, coming in at a respectable $2974/yr, from name.com.

After a spot of research, we learnt that .na is the country code for Namibia and unofficially used for North American domains. info.na actually charges $7000 so we'd say gandi.net's price is a bargin! And as for .rich, well, I guess the clue's in the name.

So there you have it folks. If, after puchasing a few .na and .rich domains, you're still feeling generous then we recommend checking out .or, .tt, .cu and .bs.

Prices correct, per domcomp.com at time of writing.