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The domain market can be a strange place where registrars and many, TLDs are endless and prices are murky.

Our aim at domcomp is to promote transparency of domain prices. We empower our users, from your grandma to pro-domainers, with information so they are fully informed and get the best deals.

You thought $10 was a good deal? Another registrars is offering the same thing for $5! But wait, the second year actually costs $20! All the data at domcomp can help you not get ripped off.

If you take some time to look at the prices, you’ll notice that a fair few registrars have significantly higher renewal prices than new registrations. i.e. they offer a discount for your first year, as a sweetener, before increasing the price for those too lazy to switch. This is actually fairly common practice in many industries and is not necessarily a bad thing. For those informed, by switching to another provider before the first-year ends can result in cheap deals.

However, what is much more dubious is when registrars do not tell you the renewal price at all! Who does this, you ask? Well, recently Yahoo have decided to remove their renewal pricing from their web page. As of last month, their renewal price for .com was a whopping $35 but at least it was displayed. Now, it’s nowhere to be found on their site. We were first alerted to this when domcomp could no longer find the price. Since then, we’ve even had a user review complaining about such and a quick google shows many more people with the same feeling.

Yahoo is by no means the only registrars to hide second year prices. Another example is registrar.com (who we don’t list) and web.com (who actually own Registrar.com but looks like is operated separately). We obfuscating crucial details like this to customers is a poor way to run a business and hope these registrars, and others, will take note.

In the meantime, domcomp is here to provide you with as much price info as possible.