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We created RandomDotCom as a bit of fun, as a side project. The novelty site which spits out a single unregistered .com domains. It was well liked and recieved plenty of attention on Reddit and Hacker News. Since then, we've been inundated with emails requesting the full list of available domains.

The following is a list of unregistred .com domains that are single english words (as defined by our dictionary!).

Remember, we made this site for fun and so were not overly concerned with perfect accuracy. So, as a disclaimer - this list may not be 100% accurate:

  • The list is generated using a combination of checking methods, including analyzing zone files and cross-checking against WHOIS data. Whilst mostly reliable, there can still be exceptions for various technical reasons. If a name is registered, just move on. Pleae don't rage at us! :D

  • One possible cause of inaccuracy is if the domain owner or provider did not make the name available on DNS services. This may be more prevelent with names registered in the 90s.

  • This list was generated and correct as of Wed 28th Oct. We're seeing around 2 to 10 names registered per day. Therefore, it's very possible that many names will be registered by the time you're reading this!

  • If you disagree that something in the list is an english word, please take it up with dictionary writer, not us!

If you'd like to check the latest availability status, or cheapest registraton price, head over to

without further ado...

ahmadinejad almohad almoravid americanizes andrianampoinimerina anglicanisms araucanian brahmanisms chayefsky chumash churriguera confucianisms coventries cronus debouillet diophantine ecuadorans faeroe faulknerian finnbogadottir freemasonries ghazvanid ghibelline guallatiri hatsheput hellenisms hephaestus hirobumi huitzilopotchli isherwood kamchatka kirghistan kleenexes kngwarreye kommunizma kulthumm kwanzaas layamon luann luella luftwaffe madagascans mahicans maisie malplaquet marcella methodisms mohammedanisms muhammadanisms mullikan mutsuhito mysore nankings naziisms paleogene pamirs pantaloon photostatted photostatting pigmies plexiglases podhoretz premyslid protestantisms ptolemies pyrexes ramanujan sagittariuses septuagints shcharansky shorthorn shylockian somoza sophoclean souphanouvong souths spenglerian spenserian sukkoths unitarianisms vilyui vulgates wobegon woolongong xhosa xmases zoroastrianisms abductions abjurations abnegates abridgments abruptest abscessing abstractnesses acanthuses accessioning acclimatizes accusatives accusingly acidifies adders adjurations adumbrates adverbials adversest afforesting afterbirths agglutinates aggrandizes airworthier airworthiest alderwomen alluviums amaranths ambidextrously ambulatories amnestying anaerobic anaesthetizes anaesthetizing ancestresses anchorpersons ancientest anoints anorexia antagonist anthologizes anticking antiphonals antithetically apoplexies appallingly appositeness appositives aquaplaned arbutuses armistices ascertains aspic asseverates asseverating assuages atoning attitudinized attitudinizes attitudinizing attributives awkwardest backbitten backhanded backpedaled backpedalled backstroked ballyhooing bandiest bastardizes beastlier beatifications beatifies bedecking bedraggling beleaguers benefactresses benumbing benumbs besmirches bestowals bestrid betakes bewails biassing bigotries billowier billowiest birdieing blarneying bleariest bloodthirstier bloodthirstiness blotchier blotchiest blowsiest blowziest bluffest boneyer booziest bouillabaisses bouillon bowdlerizes bowdlerizing brassiest brattier breathier briefer bristliest brocading brontosauri bruskly bruskness bulldogging burnooses bushelling butteriest buttonholing cageyness calculuses calibers calipering callipered callipering callouses callousing callower calumniated calumniates campaniles cannonaded canonizations canonizes cantankerously cantilevering capaciously capaciousness caparisoning captaincies carcinogenics carcinomata carefullest carpetbagged cartwheeled casseroled casseroling castigators cataleptics catechises catechizes catechizing cauterizes cavity chagrining chagrinning chalkier chalkiest chancelleries chancels chariest chastens chastest chastisements chicaneries chicories chicory chirrupped chirrupping chitchatted chitlings chorussing chronologically cinchonas circularized circularizing circumflexes circumscriptions clampdowns clapboarded clarinettists clayier clayiest clematises clingier clingiest clownishness coarsens coccis coccyges coccyxes cochleae cockscombs coffining cognomens coifing collectivizes comeuppances commiserates commissariats comporting composting conceivably concertinaed concertinaing conciliates concomitants condemnatory condescends conferments confutes confuting congaed congaing conjunctives connivers constabularies consumptives contumelies contuses convalescences convalesces coquetted cornering corruptest coruscated coruscates cosignatories councilwomen countenanced counterattacked counterattacking countermands counterrevolutionaries countersank craggiest creakiest creosoting croupiest cruciforms crumbier crumbiest cryings crystalizes cunningest cupsful curlicuing currycombed currycombing currycombs cuttlefishes dactylics dalliances darneder debasements decaffeinates decolonizes decontaminates decrescendi decriminalizes deescalated deescalates deescalating deflectors deforested defrost dehumanizes deject demagnetizes demagogry demarcates demilitarizes demobilizes democratizes demurer denominates denouements departmentalizes departmentalizing depoliticizes depoliticizing depopulates deprogramed derogates descanting desegregates desegregating desiccates desisting desolately despoiling despoils dethronement deviltries deviousness dexterously diffusely diminuendoes diminutions disadvantaging disaffecting disaffects disassembles disavows discomfits discommoded discommodes discomposes disconnectedly discontinuances discording discountenanced discountenances discountenancing discourteously discourtesies disembarks disembodies disembowelled disembowelling disembowels disenchants disencumbering disencumbers disenfranchises disengagements disestablished disestablishes disestablishing disfranchises disfranchising disgruntles disgruntling disgustedly dishevelling disinclines disinclining disinheriting disinherits disintegrate disinterring disinters disjoints dislocating dislodging dismembering disobliges disorderliness disorganizes dispirits dispossesses dissatisfies dissembles dissimulated dissimulates dissolutely distentions distinctest doggoneder doggonedest doggones dogtrotted dowdies dowdiest drabbest draftiness drouthes drouths drowses dumfounding dunging dunnest duodenums dyspeptics eagerer earsplitting ecumenically effectuating effervesced effervesces eighteenths eightieths elaborateness electioneered embittering empaneling empirical encrustations encrusts endearingly enfranchises enmeshes enshrining enthroning entrenches entrenchments epidermises epiglottides epiglottises equivocated esophagi esophaguses eviller evinces excoriates excoriations excrescences exculpates executrices executrixes exemplifications exempted exorcizes expectorates expectorating expediences expostulated expostulates expostulating expostulations expropriates expurgating expurgations extemporizes extemporizing extenuated extenuates extincting extirpates facsimileing fallibly falteringly falterings fastnesses fatuously fatuousness featherier featheriest feudalistic fictionalizes fictionalizing filamentous filigreeing finickiest finniest flannelet flanneling flannelled flannelling flatterers flightier flimflammed flimsiest flintiest floodlighted flummoxes fluoresced fluoresces fluoridating fogginess folksier foolhardier forbiddings forearming foregathered foregathering foregrounded foreordains foresails foreshortens foreswearing foreswears foretastes forewent forgathers forthrightly fossilizes fourteenths foxtrotted fracases fractal fractiously frenziedly frequentest fretfulness fricassees friendliest frontispieces frothiest frowsier frowsiest frowzier frowziest fructifies fructifying frumpier fulminations fusillades gabbier gaberdines gainsays gallowses gambolled ganglier garnisheeing garoted garotes garoting garottes garotting garrotted garrotting garrulousness gauchest gauzier gauziest generalissimos gentrifies gibbeting gimleting gimpiest gingkoes gladioluses glassing glummest glutinous gnarlier gossipped goutiest gracelessness granulates graving greasiness grislier gristlier gristliest groggily groveller gruellings gruesomest guardrooms guiltier haemorrhaged haemorrhages hairbreadths hairsbreadths halfheartedness halleluiahs hammerings hardheadedness hardheartedly hardheartedness hatchbacks haughtier hectored heehawed heehaws hemstitched hemstitches hennaed hexameters hibiscuses hoariest hoarsest hobnailing homogenizes hoorayed hopscotches horseshoed horsiest hostessed hotheadedly hotheadedness howdahs huckstered huffiest humbugged humidify hurrayed husker huskiest hybridizes hypercritically hypothalami hypothesis immaculateness immodestly immolating impanels impatiences impenetrably imperilling impolitenesses impoverishes inamoratas incarcerates inconspicuousness incrustations inculpates indeterminable indispensably indispositions indomitably ineffectively inexhaustibly infanticides influxes ingrates ingratiates ingratiatingly initialling insetted institutionalizes insufferably integuments intellectualizes interlarding interlards interluding intermarries intermarrying internement interneships intransigents intransitives intravenouses inuring invaliding inveighs inveigles invulnerably iodizes ipecacs irateness irrelevances jaundicing jeeringly jehads jettisoning jingoists jinricksha jinrickshas jitterier jitteriest kapok kennelling kerchieves kickiest kilohertzes klutzier klutziest knackwursts knobbier knobbiest kohlrabies kowtowing lallygagged lamaseries lambastes landslidden languorously languors lankest lankiness larboards larcenous larynxes lateralled lateralling laundresses leafletted leeriest legrooms libeled libelers liberalizations librettists licentiates liefest ligaturing limitings limpidly lionizes liquidizes lithospheres liturgical loamier loamiest looneyier looneyies lopsidedly loyallest lummoxes macrocosms maddeningly madrases magisterially maharishis maledictions mamboed mamboing mammalians manipulation mannishness marchionesses mascaraing matricides maundered mazourkas measlier mechanizing megahertzes melanomata menstruates mercerizes meriting middlebrows militarizes minicomputers misalliances misapprehending misapprehends misapprehensions miscalculates miscalling misconceives misconducting misconstrues miscuing misdiagnosing misdoes misgoverns mishandles misidentifies misidentifying misspends misstating mistily misunderstood mizzenmasts mizzens modicums moldier mongered monocotyledons monolinguals morticed mossiest mournfulness mousiest moussing mulishly multifariousness mummifies mummifying murkily mushiest mushrooming muskiness mussiest mutinying mynahes nappiest nationalizations nauseatingly negativing negligs nervelessly nerviest newspaperwomen nimbuses nitrating nonabsorbents noncommercials noninterference nonrepresentational nonwhites nosedives novitiates numerates nuthatches obdurately obeisances obelisks obstructiveness obtruding obtrusively obtrusiveness occludes octettes officiousness oleaginous opaquest oppressively orangeades ornerier ossifies ossifying ostracizes outbalanced outdistances outdistancing outmaneuvering outmanoeuvred outmanoeuvres outstripping overbalances overcompensates overemphasizes overemphasizing overhands overmuches overpopulates overpopulating overspecializes overspecializing paginates painfuller palliated palpated palsying paltrier panickiest pantomimed papacies papillae parallelisms parallelling parameciums parboils parenthesize parenthesizes parenthesizing parricides parsonages particularization particularizes pastiest pastorates patchiest patientest patriarchies patricides patronymics paunchiest pauperizes pedestrianize pedestrianizes pensioning pensiveness perambulates peremptorily perforates pericardiums perihelions perilling peritonea peritoneums perjurers perorations peroxiding pestling pettifogged phantasying philandered philodendra phlegmatically phloxes phoneyed phonologists phototypesetter pianissimi pickabacked pickabacking pickabacks pigeonholing pistils pittances pituitaries placentals ploddings plowshare pluralizes pockmarking poetesses politicizes polkaed polkaing pomaded pomading pommeling pommelled porpoising portlier portliest postmistresses potfuls potsherds preachier preambled preambling prearranges preconceives predeceases predeceasing predestines predestining predisposes prejudgments premeditates preordaining preordains preponderances preponderates prepossessed prepossesses preshrinks preterites preterits prevaricates prevarications prickliest priesthoods priestlier priestliest princelier princeliest prioresses proboscides proboscises processioned profounder prognosticates proneness propagandizes propagandizing prophetesses propitiates propounded prosceniums proselyted proselytizes protraction protuberances pudgier pugnaciously pulpiest pureeing pusillanimity putrefies putsches pyramiding quadricepses quadriphonic quadruplicates quarterbacked queasier quintupling racemes racketeered raggeder raggedest raggedier raggediest ramrodded ramrodding rangiest ranginess rarefies raspiest rattiest rattlings raucousness reappointing reapportions reassesses recantations recapitulates recessives recitatives recommences recommencing reconnoitered recopying recreants recriminated recriminates recriminating recursive rededicates rededicating redistricts redoubles redounding redounds reediest reeducates reemerges reemphasizes reemphasizing reenforces reenforcing refocusses regularizes reimpose reimposes reimposing reinserting remarriages remonstrances remonstrates remorselessly rendezvoused renunciations reoccupies reoccurred repleting reprehended reprehending reprehends reprocesses reproofed repudiations requites respelled restfullest restiveness resumptions reticence retrenches retrodden retrogressed retrogresses ricketiest rosining roughhoused roundelays routeing routinizes routinizing roweling rowelled rubberier rubberiest ruggeder rumbaed rumbaing rumination rumpuses sacristies saddening sailfishes salaamed sambaed sambaing sanserif sarcophaguses sassafrases satiated saunaed savannahes scenically schmaltzier schmaltziest schmalzy schrods schussed scintilla scolloped scolloping scragglier scraggliest scratchiest scrawnier screechier screechiest screwballs scrimshawing scrubbier scrupling scuppering scurfier scurvier scythed seaworthier secularizes secularizing sedatest semaphoring semimonthlies semiweeklies sentimentalizes sentimentalizing septette septettes seraglios sermonizes seventeenths sheepfolds sheepishly sheerest sheikhdoms shepherdesses shillalahs shinnied shirrings shirrs shoddier shorthorn shortsightedly shovelfuls showboated shrubbier shuckses shuttlecocked sicklier sidestroked sidestroking simpered simulcasted singsonged sixpences sixtieths skimpiness slackens slaphappier slaphappiest slavishly sledgehammered sledgehammering sleetier slouchier slouchiest sloughed slovenlier slovenliest slumlords smarmier smirches smudgier snakier snakiest sneeringly snottier soggily sogginess solemner solemnizes soliloquized soliloquizes soppiest soreheads soubriquets soughed spiderier spideriest spindliest spiraeas spitefuller spitefullest splotchier splotchiest splotching sprightlier sputters squalidest squigglier squirmier squirmiest squirrelling staidest stalemated stalemating stammerers stanches standpoints standstills staunching steamrollering steeliest stiflings stockading stolider stragglier straightjacketing straitjacketing strangulates straplesses stretchers striated stubbier stubbliest stultifies stumpier stymying styptics subbasements substantiations substratums subtotaling subtotalled subtrahends succoring sudsier suffragans suffuses sulfuring sulfurous sulkiest sullener summeriest superabundances superannuates superannuating superintended superintending superintends supervenes supplicates suppurated suppurates suppurating surceasing surfeits swaddles swaggerer swattered swattering syllabified syllabifies symmetricly syncopates syphilitics tablespoonsful tabuing tacitness tallyhoed tallyhoing tannest tarantulae tardily tarmacked tarriest tawnier tearier teariest teaspoonsful teazels tempestuously temporizing tendentiously tendentiousness tenuousness tenuring tercentenaries terminuses testates testier thimblefuls thirteenths thoraces throatier throatiest throatily throatiness tingliest tinselled tintinnabulations tireder tiredest toadied toadying topmasts torridest towelings towellings tracheotomies trammelled tranquilest tranquilly transcendentally transepts transmigrates travailed travestying trawler treadled trellised triennials tropospheres troweled trowelling truanted truculently trueing tubbiest tuckering tumbrils turmoils twaddled tweedier twentieths twittered typifies tyrannizes ululated ululates umbilici umbilicuses unabridgeds unaccountably unbosomed unbosoms unburdens unclasping uncleanest uncleanlier uncleanliest unclearer unclearest uncomplaining undeceives undeceiving underlain underplays undershooting undersigns undesirability undulates uneasier unevener unexplored unfastens unfriendlier unfriendliest unfrocking unfrocks ungainlier ungainliest ungodlier unguents unhanded unhesitatingly unhinges unhinging unhitches unhorses unhorsing unimplementable unkinder unkindliest unlatching unlooses unreadiest unriper unripest unsaddling unscrupulousness unsealing unseemlier unseemliest unseemliness unsheathing unsightlier unsightliest unsightliness unsnapping unsnarling unsnarls unstabler unsteadier unsteadiest unstopping unsubstantial untidier untimelier untimeliest untiringly untouched untruest unwariness unwieldier unwieldiest unworthier unworthiest upholding uproariously uvulars vaudeville velvetiest verdigrised verdigrises verdigrising versifies vicarage vicarages victualled villainies viscountesses vituperates vituperating vividest vivifies vociferates vouchsafes vouchsafing vulcanizes vulgarizes wainscotted wainscottings wantoned wartier wartiest wassailed wateriest weakfishes weatherize weightiness welshing weltered wherefores wifelier wifeliest wigwagging wildcatted willowiest winteriest wintriest wirier wispier woefuller woefullest womanliest woodsier wormiest wretcheder wretchedest wryest yardarms yeastier yieldings zincking

Thats it. Did you find anything interesting? :)