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2022-09-21 Horrendous

This registrar enables spammers. Every single text spam that I receive, with an associated link to tap, leads right back to a Namecheap domain that was registered sometimes only minutes prior but always just recently registered.

2021-04-13 pastorjacobee

Well done today i m very happy to join so I thank God

2020-11-15 Jason VH

I appreciate the concern and priority for security, but the applications need to actually function to be useful. I needed to login to update a compromised credit card and it turned into a morning of wasted time and frustration as the incompetent customer service rep on Chat Support asked me to verify my identity over and over again while asking redundant questions. After over an hour I simply gave up and created a support ticket.

This is not the first time I've had issues with the smartphone app they use for verification. My experience is in line with the other complaints here in regards to customer support.

I will agree with the other statements below, it's worth paying a bit more for competence.

2020-07-23 Rachel

In September 2019, I had DAILY exchanges with their incompetent, illiterate technical support team a bit OVER TWO WEEKS without ever receiving a complete resolution. The support was so inadequate that one of their Hosting Team Leaders eventually became involved and said, "To my regret, some confusion occurred and the misleading information was provided". She made a lame attempt to apologize for their remarkable ineptitude and their lying by offering to give me $20 in account funds in addition to a coupon code for 20 percent off any future purchase.

Here we are in July 2020 and I have been going back and forth with NameCheap for two days now attempting to simply redeem the coupon code. I have interacted with six different members of their customer support team so far and they all lack logical reasoning skills. With each response on my support ticket, my simple issue becomes more bizarre. They ADD a new non-existent parameter with each iteration. A middle school student could offer better support. I CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

I will never do business with these imbeciles again. They may be less expensive than similar companies; however, money becomes no object here--I am happy to pay much more for competence and professionalism.

2020-07-11 mostafa

Namecheap has stolen my money for twice...

1st in 2017 I had a domain payment via Bitcoin and a day after that I've asked for refund but they had rejected my refund request and I lost my money without any service...

2nd time was now that I have transfered a domain from another namecheap account to my namecheap account...My domain has been started from 4 july 2020 until 4 july 2021 ...I've just realized this domain was hacked and blacklisted by antiviruses and I have asked them to refund in 3 JULY before this domain has been started for one year...

I asked them to credit my account balance as refund to choose another domain or changing .com to ,org but again my refund request has been rejected finally I have asked them for paypal refund but again has been rejected...

Namecheap team only care to get money ,that's all...

Namecheap is a before payment confirmation based company and they never refund your money...

Stay Away from namehceap If you care about your money...

Namecheap is a fraud company without customer's care and customer's service...

2020-03-10 Yesenia

Their customer service is lacking, they give you the run-around and tell you to do the same things over and over without resolving any issues. They have my domain held hostage because I want to transfer it. They red flagged me to their security and I've had to upload live photos, IDs, and Passport. Now they want credit card details. Who asks for sensitive information like this? Scammers and identity thieves. I don't want a random customer rep with all of this info so I didn't give them cc details and now they're telling me to upload ID details AGAIN. This has been a back and forth for a month and they say they mark your case urgent but don't get back to you at all until you contact them again and again. This is worst service you could ever choose guys, any other place would have better customer service. They keep brushing me off even when I got really angry saying they have a lot of cases to get through, gee I wonder why. Go with anyone else!!

2019-10-18 info

I began getting spam on my cell phone beginning in June 2019. The spam didnt originate from a phone number but from an email address - the domain names all registered 30-45 minutes prior using Every single spam's email was originating/registered NameCheap. Since there is no phone number, there is no way to block these spams, they dont originate from a cellular service and you cant anticipate what nonsensical domain name the spammers would register next. Domains looked similar to - nothing meaningful. They were using NameCheap's 88 cent promo I guess to register throwaway domains.

Finally brought it to the attention of "[email protected]", which you'd assume is the place to report *abusive* practices using NameCheap registered domains and the response I received from the LEGAL department was "Unfortunately, we are not able to investigate the cases of text message spam. Please contact the mobile operator, which was used to send this text message, or file an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission"

There is no mobile operator used in sending these types of spams. They are sent from email blaster programs on a desktop/laptop PC probably using a spoofed IP address to mobile numbers. However we KNOW the email address and from that we KNOW the domain name and from that we know the registrar. Also, the FCC is useless - just a facade of "we care" but zero help there too. So, with absolutely zero help, dont want to know, look the other way - whatever you want to call it, I promptly transferred every domain away from NameCheap and will no longer do business there. Perhaps its better to have the technical/networking folks reply to a technical / network related issue than someone in a legal department with zero technical knowledge crafting a couple of useless sentences.

2018-09-07 aussiewebmaster

Namecheap provides great prices - whether during their numerous promotions or their regular prices I always get deals. Am now adding some hosting and many of their packages include a free domain.

Love the live support - walked me through an issue quickly and showed me where I had gone wrong

2018-08-22 john fogerty

NAMECHEAP is really a great threat to your business

If you have a great business transfer-out your domains and all other services.

The policies of this company are sick , they have suspended all of my services because I didn't answer their email after 24 hours!!! ( they suspended every things not only domains)

how ever after I answered the email the services un-suspended, they just needed some documents.

But why they need to suspended my services while there was no any charge back? I have already transferred-out every thing and recommend every body do same or don't ever buy any important services or domains here.

I suffered from this company when my services was suspended , shame to you NAMECHEAP !!!

2018-03-06 webduck

I am a web administrator with 25 clients. Just try logging in to your account three times in a week, maybe using more than one namecheap account but from the same IP. I have 3. well, I have 0. Getting back in with surly, unresponsive agents, and opening 'risk management' tickets and waiting three days to get your privileges back...on time sensitive renewals. Stay away. Never had this problem with GoDaddy (7 accounts) or SiteGround (5 accounts) - and I am in and out of them all day, as I have been for years. So that's where I brought my business.

The hosting account? Meh. 3/4 cpanel (but the most important stuff is there) - but a lot of gateway timeouts from the CMS admin.

2018-02-18 places

My Shared hosting was suspended last year in July. I was receiving too much traffic according to support. I was in direct contact with support during this time. They recommended I upgrade to a dedicated server. I had stated that this surge in traffic was due to 1 page and it was temporary. They never told me I had to upgrade or gave me any warning that I would be suspended. I woke up around 5 am on the 4th of July with 2 emails stating my account had been suspended. Needless to say, I was quite furious. Support told me I had to upgrade otherwise they wouldn't restore my service. Granted, this was gonna be the biggest day concerning my Adsense website. Long story short. My site didn't become active until July 5th after upgrading to a dedicated server, which I had no idea how to operate. Support said I'd get the hang of it. Today is February 17th, 2018 and the site that I worked very hard on, went from 75,000 users a month website and growing rapidly to a website that lost ALL its rankings. I have never regained the traffic I once had. I find out later on that when transferring to another hosting or upgrading to a dedicated server, I needed to run 301 redirects. Support never specified and I had no clue. I still have a bad taste in my mouth about this. I was on the verge of making $500 a day on Adsense to zilch. I'm in the process of transferring every domain I own to Hostinger. I never had any previous disputes prior to this. It seems Hostinger so far has been a great hosting provider. I would prefer Namecheap because I really do like the platform, but I can't seem to get past the negligence on their part.

2017-03-23 tombmaxg

Namecheap is also great with 0.88 offer, I really like this registrar too!

2017-03-18 tyrollins

These guys know what they're doing. I have purchased dozens of domain names (although no web hosting) through them and have never been disappointed. I haven't run into many problems besides the odd bug, however when that happens or I need assistance with a transfer / general question they always provide a working solution straight away.

Five Star for:

- Pricing is fair, and typically a few bucks below the other big rivals.

- Support is friendly, knowledgeable and quick.

- Easy to navigate admin panel.

- Accept Bitcoin.

2017-01-09 Brandin

I have never once had a bad experience with Namecheap. Any time there has been even the slightest bit of an issue, they always resolve it! Namecheap has been my domain name registrar for more than 5 years, and they will be for many more to come!

2016-11-11 jen Dajen

I do give it 5 stars, although they are by no means "perfect":

some hiccups in their system are by far balanced through an excellent real time chat support: these support agents do know their stuff, they are able to remedy issues right away, not like others where you talk to a brainless idiot in some mud hut in India who can actually do nothing but repeating that "I apoligize for YOUR problem, let me try to help you with that".

Their support is excellent.

Pricing is great, although I myself do use my own DNS and transfer each time to the cheapest domain provider.

Some of their domains are $0.88, and you really get that price, registering through the web interface, no need to call and being subject to some upsale.

general pricing is in the lower tier, great value for the $.


2016-06-02 user77

So fare very good, I have 2 years part of my domains here. Support is very friendly know how to solve problems immediately. Not so greedy with charging as 101domains :/ FIVE STARS !

2016-01-16 Just a customer of them

The tech support of this company stinks. It is outsourced to Kharkov, Ukraine, to some guys who don't even have their own website. They are incompetent, unable to solve problems, and they can easily make you mad in less than 24 hours. And it is not a kind of company where tech support is not needed, because everything works without problems. There are problems, tech support is needed. But you are on your own with these problems, because tech support will not solve them for you. Also, their nameservers come down under DDoS attacks from time to time, and their stuff can do nothing about it.

2015-06-20 Xin

Unlike many providers, they have a no bullshit website. I have a couple of domains with them with no issues. One small annoyance is that, once you log in, the management console is actually some 90s style vendor product - unlike their glossy website they use to attract customers - at least it works.

2015-05-12 Rance

Domain hosting is just fine, have never had a problem with it. Have used them for hosting on three sites and am pretty unimpressed. When some dink tried a DDoS on my site (from a single IP, if you can believe it) Namecheap didn't even notice it. When I discovered it, it had been going on for nearly three hours, and my site had been down for about one. I contacted them and it took them 12 hours to even admit that there was a problem, they kept telling me in chat that they couldn't see anything odd going on. Once they did admit it was happening, they were very reluctant to do anything. The DDoS stopped on its own and they said at that point they didn't need to do anything. I asked for advice to help prevent my site from going down if this happened again and they said there was nothing to be done, then finally suggested a Wordpress add-on that, when I checked into it, hadn't been updated in two years and was no longer viable. (I contacted the company that owned the IP that was sending all those pings, and they said THEY were the ones who had seen the unusual activity and stopped it.) A second problem: I wasn't able to pay the invoice on a hosting package immediately, so I asked them if I could pay in about 20 days and if my data would still be there once I paid. The service rep in chat was very nice, said yes my data would be retained, and I could even request a new invoice to keep my service up, all I had to do was open a support ticket. I did so and the person who replied immediately suspended my account two days BEFORE the invoice was due. Two weeks later, my data was deleted and I was told it was mandatory to now pay them $15 for a backup PLUS renewal fees. When I said I didn't want a backup, the reply was, "Let me explain the situation you're in," and they actually sounded threatening. Third example: Wordpress issued an emergency security fix for their platforms on April 27. This update to 4.2.1 was critical, but Namecheap never informed customers. I wouldn't have thought much about it except that, on May 11, customers received an email from Namecheap telling us to update to the 4.2.1 version of Wordpress, but get this: 4.2.2 had already been rolled out on May 6, five days before the Namecheap email was sent. I don't think they even KNOW about Wordpress 4.2.2. That's just unacceptable. As my hosting expires, I'll be moving my websites to another company.

2015-02-07 Paul Brown

They have received a lot of negative feedback on some review sites, but as a user, I have to say there instant chat help has been brilliant. I don't normally write reviews but I thought to in this case just to give feedback from my own experiences.

2014-11-29 Peter Roberts

This would be a star higher if namecheap made it clearer that there is a big price difference between .me registration and renewal prices.

Beyond that their service seems good, their management interface is a bit clunky but gets the job done if you know what you're looking for. It's probably written at least partially in Perl and I kind of like that - if it ain't broke don't fix it. The single domain I use with them is primarily for email and their free mail forwarding makes that easy

TL;DR: I would recommend them but suggest checking renewal prices before registration/transfer

2014-11-29 Eric

Quick/easy to use domain registration, competitive prices and they accept Bitcoin ! Also sponsoring the hackathon/education community (check out ).

2014-11-29 Dave

Good prices on domain registrations, *terrible* UI for customers, "blah" crappy standard shared hosting service, batteries not included (pay extra for e-mail, etc.). I use them as a domain registrar only, because every once in a while they run pro-net-neutrality promotions and the like.

2014-11-29 Kyle P

Been with NameCheap for around 7 years, never had a single problem. Domains are reasonably priced, DNS is free and works well (not anycast, for more reliability I use As others have mentioned, UI is a bit old and dated, but still works fine. It's my goto for quality and reliable domain registration.

2014-11-29 Kevin

Poor customer service. When my .me domain for my personal blog was marked as 'spammy' I didn't know my website was down for 3 days when someone mentioned my emails weren't going through. contacted customer support and they were next to useless. I sent 2-3 emails per day for about 3 days. Most of these emails were solicited first.

Spent 6+ hours chatting with them trying to get my domain back. Their ToS is really in their favor in that, they will revoke all of your domains if you initiate a charge back. They refused to help me negotiate with the .me registrar in getting my domain back or even notifying me that the domain had been seized.

No more namecheap for me.

2014-11-29 Erinc

No bullshit domain provider. Always had pleasant interaction with their customer support, their web interface is okay, no overselling etc.

2014-11-29 Reza

Name cheap is popular in technical circles. However, the UI is confusing, clunky, old, and very hard to use. Namecheap offers the same features as everyone else, so im not sure what the draw is.

2014-11-29 James

Great and only getting better. Awesome support, good prices, lots of great services.

2014-11-29 Phil tower

Namecheap provide excellent domain, DNS and shared hosting services.

Excellent proces, do search for promo codes as well for help setting up a website

2014-11-29 David Zekos

UI looks ancient. Cumbersome to use. UI is 50 character long.

2014-11-07 Anastasios

I am using namecheap for only a month but I am very satisfied both with their prices and their support system.

5 stars from me :)

2014-11-06 Herbst

Namecheap doesnt have the cutest interface when managing domains, and i've seen people just dont understand what they are supposed to do. But the service is great, the prices are usually one of the best and it feels like those people at namecheap actually care about their customers and the internet in general.

2014-10-11 Ulterios

Namecheap is a great registrar. Their prices are only about average most of the time but they do have a promotion sometimes for a great price on domains. They also have free whois guard for a year when you register a domain and whois guard can be bought for following years for $.99 which is the cheapest around. Their service and support is very fast and has always been outstanding. My favorite registrar for domains I am keeping and/or building/developing.

2014-10-02 Greg Dorrell

I've been using Namecheap for 8 years or so. Just for domains. Never used their support (haven't needed to!).


Never had any issues.

No bullshit upselling/misleading pricing.

Prices aren't too bad.


Their prices aren't always the cheapest.

The interface once you're logged in looks a bit dated.

2014-10-02 Max Zhu

So far the best domain provider.

I have used namecheap / and Personally I think namecheap is the best.

Price: 3 stars. Their price is only average compared with other providers. $10.69 for .com and $58 for io.

Console: 5 stars. Very easy to use.

Customer service: 5 stars. Very responsive and give suggestion straight away.