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2017-01-17 Hanif

My first exprience

so far its good

all went smoothly

2017-01-06 Fish On

I'm a recent customer (going on three months) who found out about porkbun from an online forum. I've been a small time "domainer" for over a decade and have used many different registrars. Porkbun is small and relatively new but it is ran by people (CEO & CTO) who have been in the industry since NSI was demonopolized way back when. Pricing is very competitive on most TLDs and their interface is simple and easy to use. They will even add functionality to their website when asked; I've personally requested small changes to their DNS management screen.

I've dealt with support on three occasions, twice via email and the other via phone. In all instances I was treated well by a friendly gentleman named Ross. Email was answered in the morning on the following day that I sent it due to it being sent late in the evening and the phone call was answered immediately by a human when I called during business hours.

It's been brought to my attention that a customer of theirs applied for a support job and did not get hired. That customer/applicant apparently became bitter and has been leaving bad reviews on forums and review sites so take any reviews about bad support with a grain of salt. I've personally experienced their support and it is fine. I've never transfered away, have no reason to, but have no reason to believe it would be difficult as they provide the transfer authorization code for domains via their website. A domain takes several days to transfer from one registrar to another, it's possible that some people do not know that.

Fish on!

2017-01-05 tom

Good prices, however support does not exist. Good luck moving your domains away from them.

2017-01-03 nerd

Great website..I wonder to found a fabulous domain name rather then other websites

2016-12-13 Alexey Shelkunov

The Registrar Is Great. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

2016-12-13 can

Best price and awesome services. I transfered almost all my domains and continue to transfer to Porkbun. Support is so good interface is so clean and simple. Prices are best!

2016-07-21 seokrisztin

The best available price, free SSL cert, free URL redirect and more free services. Easy to use website, domain reg in minutes.

2016-07-09 michael

Good prices and really great interface. They could use more ccTLDs but according to their support department they are adding more.