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2023-05-09 kangafox

Been with Porkbun for about 3 years, with no issues and just transferred 3 domains in from another register, in order to save money. Saved about $2 per ".com" domain, so pays to move, and more are on the way! It was seamless. Sure, it took 5 days, which is to be expected, my original domains have been pointed to my Hosting Provider with no issues for over 3 years. Again no issues and clean management and interaction. Simple but sweet.

2022-04-03 mag

I use Porkbun since October 2016 and I manage a large number of domains for myself and my clients. At first, I transferred a couple of domains because of their low prices but soon Porkbun became my No1 choice for generic TLDs. Flawless service, without any hiccups and fast response the one and only time I needed them.

I decided to write this review after reading older reviews saying they are getting spam, that Porkbun sold their personal info to someone else, that they had security issues or that their services are bad.... Read my lips: That is all NONSENSE and BS, period. For six years now I had ZERO issues with them and the only time they contacted me (besides the normal communication about my domains and charges) was about someone trying to log in to my account, prompting me to turn on 2FA, which I did and I have peace of mind. Those guys are honest and they know their job.

Honestly, I would definitely add a 6th star to my rating, if I could.

2021-02-25 domains

I'm a new customer at PorkBun - I'm impressed with the security and the great customer service. Thanks Ross, awesome service!

2020-07-02 phantomd2k

I signed up with porkbun.com and transferred my five domains to their site because of their low pricing. Well, I got what I paid for. The next three days I received seven solicitation & spam phone calls and six spam emails about my newly transferred domains from companies that porkbun had promptly sold my personal information. Reprehensible. Low prices, despicable business. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

2020-06-06 jackfmitchell

Wordpress hosting is VERY slow. When I tried to install plugin updates or even updating pages I've worked on, it times out with a 504 error code. Their 9-5 MF telephone tech support is horrible. Some of them have no idea what they are doing and EVEN tell you so. They tell you UH I'm not sure about that I'll open a support ticket and someone will get back with you. When tech support finally got back to me regarding the 504 errors, they told me they just started hosting Wordpress sites and that they've been hearing similar complaints and told me GET THIS it might be better to find another hosting service. They DID SAY they would not mind giving me a refund but it was a HUGE waste of my time.

2020-04-07 xyxcliff

Simple, Low price and easy to use with Free SSL and Free WHOIS Privacy.

2020-03-02 ozerke

Stay away if you are managing multiple domains.

Not like any other registrant, Porkbun has removed all my access to the domain after it has been flagged as hacked by Google. I don't lacking think this basic service and not communicating with the client beforehand should be a very big red flag for everyone.

2019-05-26 Avinash Sharma

Just Amazing. Nothing is flawed. The clutter-free experience that you need to buy a domain.

2018-12-03 afterSt0rm

5 years .bid domain managed without any hiccups. Great interface, great prices but okay support. One of my best experiences with registrars so far.

2018-08-11 niallaconway2

Excellent service and pricing, their site is easy to use and no sneaky tactics to charge you extra.

Setting DNS is easy, quick and straightforward.

2017-08-09 virbius

Very bad, I had problems trying to pay with paypal and bitcoin

2017-07-03 DaoVanTrong

Simple domain manager, free ssl,whois and cheap <3

2017-05-10 mikaeld

Great website, extremely fast registration process. Also cheaper than all the well-known registrars like godaddy or namecheap. Would recommend to anyone!

2017-05-06 Juan Alberto Glz

Best registar around, best prices included free SSL certificate and domain privacy. When you use it you can never go back to other registrar. (I already transfered all domains I got to this one)

2017-03-17 Srihari Yamanoor

I just registered a domain through the we.design coupon. Very smooth process indeed!

2017-02-21 VisionMule

I found Porkbun by searching for domain registrars in Portland Oregon, where I live. After using their services for over a year, I know this small company cares about providing an excellent service.

Their support is stellar and responsive, and Porkbun's interface is easy to use and being updated all the time with new tools to manage domains. Porkbun is straightforward and has competitive prices on all sorts of TLDs.

For the price and array of web and domain services included at Porkbun, you can't beat it.

2017-02-19 Mgon

Excellent Prices! Excellent Customer Service!

PB has the best prices 99% of the time!

Wonderful Customer Service, always going above and beyond to help you, fast and efficiently.

I highly recommend PorkBun.com

2017-02-07 Crooked Studio

Porkbun is the only registrar I use. I used to have domains at GoDaddy and 1&1, but once I got a look at the interface that Porkbun uses, I couldn't go back. That's not to mention that their prices are generally better.

Every experience I've had with their support system has been pleasant and the response time has been timely. No complaints, these guys will be my go-to registrar for the foreseeable future.

2017-02-05 Academic User

Clean, simple and fast website with straightforward pricing. No 1-year promos, gimmicks, etc. The interface is clear and the transfer process well documented.

Great one stop shop.

2017-01-17 Hanif

My first exprience

so far its good

all went smoothly

2017-01-05 Fish On

I'm a recent customer (going on three months) who found out about porkbun from an online forum. I've been a small time "domainer" for over a decade and have used many different registrars. Porkbun is small and relatively new but it is ran by people (CEO & CTO) who have been in the industry since NSI was demonopolized way back when. Pricing is very competitive on most TLDs and their interface is simple and easy to use. They will even add functionality to their website when asked; I've personally requested small changes to their DNS management screen.

I've dealt with support on three occasions, twice via email and the other via phone. In all instances I was treated well by a friendly gentleman named Ross. Email was answered in the morning on the following day that I sent it due to it being sent late in the evening and the phone call was answered immediately by a human when I called during business hours.

It's been brought to my attention that a customer of theirs applied for a support job and did not get hired. That customer/applicant apparently became bitter and has been leaving bad reviews on forums and review sites so take any reviews about bad support with a grain of salt. I've personally experienced their support and it is fine. I've never transfered away, have no reason to, but have no reason to believe it would be difficult as they provide the transfer authorization code for domains via their website. A domain takes several days to transfer from one registrar to another, it's possible that some people do not know that.

Fish on!

2017-01-04 tom

Good prices, however support does not exist. Good luck moving your domains away from them.

2017-01-03 nerd

Great website..I wonder to found a fabulous domain name rather then other websites

2016-12-12 Alexey Shelkunov

The Registrar Is Great. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

2016-12-12 can

Best price and awesome services. I transfered almost all my domains and continue to transfer to Porkbun. Support is so good interface is so clean and simple. Prices are best!

2016-07-20 seokrisztin

The best available price, free SSL cert, free URL redirect and more free services. Easy to use website, domain reg in minutes.

2016-07-08 michael

Good prices and really great interface. They could use more ccTLDs but according to their support department they are adding more.