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2017-03-15 tyrollins


Would use for very cheap domains I don't care about, would never trust a valuable and or expensive domain with them.

I tried to purchase a domain with an exotic extension (several hundred dollars)

Try 1 - Problem processing my payment. No luck.

Try 2 - Payment goes through fine, however I within 15 min order is canceled.

Try 3 - Payment goes through, order is not canceled...Just to be safe I sent a support message, to which I promptly received - a canceled order and one line explanation - The registrar doesn't like these types of names, and won't want to register it for you...

The only reason for 2 stars instead of 1 - The underwhelming, question creating response was received promptly. However,

Problem 1 - I had to send a support request. They did not contact me, instead they left me to contact them to see if there was an issue, if so, what it may be.

Problem 2 - They refused to even try and register the domain in question.

I would however give them one final chance on a much much less expensive domain, as their prices for several ccTLD's are much lower than most.

2017-03-15 tyrollins

I recently tried to register a domain with an exotic extension (several hundred dollars).

Try 1 - There was a problem processing the payment.

Try 2 - The payment went through, but the order was promptly canceled.

Try 3 - Successful payment. I then contact support to verify all is fine, to which they respond with a canceled order & brief explanation saying the registrar will not like the domain and wont register it.

Response was quick when I sent a support ticket, but...

problem 1 - I had to send a support ticket, they didn't contact me to offer guidance, I had to contact them.

problem 2 - They refused to even try registering the domain.

Overall, I'd give them another chance on a much much cheaper domain, simply because their prices seem to beat most others for several ccTLD's

2017-03-01 ludovic

Le support client est top et réactif, et ils sont transparent sur les prix, je recommande.